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Watch Weeds Season 3 Online

weedsSeason 3 of Weeds had a pretty wide variety of storylines, and I had a bit of trouble keeping them all together. Much of the season revolves around the aftermath of season 2. Nancy is constantly under pressure this season to pay off her debt to U-Turn, which was valued at the worth of the entire crop harvest that was destroyed. She actually gets a real job working for a shady developer of a rival neighborhood.

he neighborhood, called the Majestic, ends up attempting a takeover of Agrestic, and Doug is at the helm since it’ll bring in a ton of money. Groff gives a gift to Celia, however, which causes Doug to change his mind and begin sabotaging the Majestic’s infrastructure.

We also saw Andy go through basic training in the military because his injury doesn’t exempt him from service. He ends up wiggling out of it though through a rather elaborate scheme. All in all? A pretty solid season.

Watch Weeds Online


23.3- 1 13 Aug 07   Doing the Backstroke
24.3- 2 20 Aug 07   A Pool and His Money
25.3- 3 27 Aug 07   The Brick Dance
26.3- 4 3 Sep 07   Sh*t Highway
27.3- 5 10 Sep 07   Bill Sussman
28.3- 6 17 Sep 07   Grasshopper
29.3- 7 24 Sep 07   He Taught Me How To Drive By
30.3- 8 1 Oct 07   The Two Mrs. Scottsons
31.3- 9 8 Oct 07   Release the Hounds
32.3-10 15 Oct 07   Roy Till Called
33.3-11 22 Oct 07   Cankles
34.3-12 29 Oct 07   The Dark Time
35.3-13 5 Nov 07   Risk
36.3-14 12 Nov 07   Protection
37.3-15 19 Nov 07   Go

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